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MYB Services can provide a network of business professionals a way to connect with local and national markets for joint venture opportunities, broader exposure and a platform to increase business revenue.  

MYB Business Listing

  • Yearly Subscription for $200
  • List Business Name, Owner, Contact Info
  • Headshot or Logo
  • Link to Social Media or Website
  • Discounts to Additional Services
  • Trial Period for Four Months Avail

For a yearly subscription of only $200 a year, you may be added to the MYB Business Listing.  It includes, but not limited to, naming the business, owner, contact info and link to website or social media.    The Listing will also allow patrons to receive discounts to other services offered by Leadership Credibility Services and/or provide customized solutions.  You may participate in a four month trial period for $100.  

MYB Network

  • Monthly Subscription Starting at $45
  • Business to Business or Business to Consumer Matchmaking Services
  • Referrals
  • ​Endorsements
  • Provide Opportunities to Attend Local Networking Events
  • Identify Opportunities to be a Speaker and/or Vendor 
  • Event Planning Assistance & Maximum Attendance Strategies
  • ​Free or Discounts to MYB Live Events

​In addition to the LCS Listing, for a monthly subscription fee starting at $45, patrons will receive Business Matchmaking Services.  Willing participants can be connected to local networking events, receive endorsements and referrals.  You will receive assistance when hosting events, like free advertising, targeting ad campaigns, as well as, help identify people for maximum attendance.  Contact us for more information today.  

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Dorea D. Walker

MYB Services

Personal Branding Strategist