Leadership Credibility Services is dedicated to get you, today's leaders, into position to expand your leadership influence.  LCS has designed various topics we can train for you, your company or your organization.  LCS focuses more on the individual than the product or service.  It is our philosophy that YOU ARE the business and what you DO is an extension of who you are. Below is a list of subjects we train; we can also do customized training to fit your unique situation.  Each training session comes with interactive activities, hands-on exercises and original worksheets and training materials from the presenter.  For more information, please feel free to contact us.   

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LCS Training Titles: 

  • 7 Traits of a Character-Based Leader
  • How to Add Value to Your Market
  • Establishing Leadership Credibility
  • Financial Sustainability for Solo-Preneurs
  • Understanding the Growth Process of a Leader
  • You ARE Your Business...First
  • Before Your Leave Your Job
  • Corporate Compliance
  • How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace
  • Leadership Training for Young Adults 
    • ​​     Financial Sustainability
      •      Entrepreneurial Classes and Concepts
  • ​And MORE...