MYB Services' experts can assist in mapping out your career path by identifying your:

  • Career Goals
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Personal Characteristics

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Attract higher quality employers and better job opportunities with a professionally written resume.  

MYB Services offers several options like: 

  • One-Two Page Resume
  • Entry -Executive Level Resume
  • Keyword Optimized
  • Customized Cover Letter
  • Two Day Turnaround Available
  • ​and more....

Market yourself with a professional bio.  A professional biography is a great way to showcase your career information in a crisp and concise way.

The goal of the bio is to provide a brief overview of your professional accomplishments and expand on the critical personality traits that set you apart while creating an emotional attachment, a sense of “likeness.” Also known as an executive bio, it is a great complement to the traditional résumé and provides an opportunity to highlight the intangibles. 

Professional Career Services


Helping You to Mind Your Business

You will have questions or need guidance along the way, so join our fast-growing network and get added support from one of senior strategists.

MYB Services offers solutions for new and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as, career professionals seeking advancement and training.  Check out our services for

  • Business Development
  • Career Services Solutions

Welcome to Mind Your Business (MYB) Services.  We are the premier choice for providing quality business solutions.   People come to us to :

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